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What do you recommend for security in my home or business?

Due to the differences in homes we generally like to have a sales agent visit the premises to give you a no obligation estimate.

Can I add more equipment to my security system later?

Absolutely! One month later or ten years later we can add or upgrade your system to suit your needs.

What if I move to a new house?

There are a few options for you. We can move your system to your new house based upon an hourly rate and equipment costs. If you have a system in contract and if it's being monitored by us, we have special incentive programs that change so call us today and ask us.

How does your Monitronics program work?

We have partnered with Monitronics to provide our customers the best monitoring in the industry. With Monitronics we are able to provide basic systems at little or no cost for equipment and installation for those that qualify. Check them out for yourself Call us today for more info.

Being a renter, can I get a security system?

Yes, but as a renter and not a homeowner you are responsible for purchasing the security equipment. Basically you buy the equipment, you own it and if you move we can move it for you to your next residence at a minimal charge.

I know someone who wants a system can you help them?

We can help you both. Not only can they get a no obligation estimate on their house but if they decide to get a Monitronics system installed you may qualify for a referral bonus up to $100. Not bad for just giving us their name.

What separates your company from the rest?

We care about people, their investments and making them feel secure. Many companies out there have forgotten what that means. If there is ever a problem with anything I want to know, and I will get to the bottom of it.

Chuck Groezinger